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 Osha Enforcement
OSHA enforcement activity is on the rise and so are penalties for non-compliance. Following are just a few examples:


U.S. Department of Labor Proposes $1,007,717 in Fines Against North Florida Roofing Contractor For Egregious Fall Hazard The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Florida Roofing Experts Inc. READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Cites Plumbing Contractor for Exposing Employees to Hazards after Fatal Trench Collapse in Mississippi OSHA has cited Rhobina Electric Inc.- a Commercial Electrical and plumbing contractor and faces $37,318 in penalties READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Cites Philadelphia Refinery for Process Safety Management Hazards After Fire and Explosions OSHA has cited Philadelphia Energy Solutions for $132,600 for a fire and subsequent explosion READ MORE..

U.S. Department of Labor Cites Georgia Farm For Exposing Employees to Safety Hazards Following Fatality  OSHA cites Pearson Farms LLC for $128,004 after an employee suffered fatal injuries at the farm's post-harvest operations READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Cites New Hampshire Stone Products Manufacturer for Hazards Following Employee Fatality OSHA has cited Quartz and Stone Creations of New Hampshire LLC for $87,516 for crushing and other hazards READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Cites New York Cookie Manufacturer for Exposing Employees to Falls and other Hazards OSHA has cited Nonni Foods LLC for $221,257 for exposing employees to falls and other hazards READ MORE...

OSHA Quicktakes

Stay on top of the latest OSHA news, initiatives and products to help identify and prevent workplace hazards.

Canfor's El Dorado facility re-certified as an OSHA SHARP Site More Info

Region 10 - Alliance Agreement- January 10, 2020  More Info

OSHA's Field Federal Safety and Health Council in Kansas City was recognized for its commitment to safety More Info
The 7th annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction will be held May 4th-8th More Info
Federal court orders railway to pay $696,173 for lost wages  More Info
OSHA resources can help to keep workers safe from winter weather hazards More info

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Inspection App V10.0
Our Safety Inspection App update version 10.0 has been released. If you haven't updated your device to the latest version, we encourage you to do so.

Following is a brief summary of the changes that come with this latest version:

1. We added an option to identify your "notes" that accompany your observations as important so they'll be highlighted when you submit your reports. View Example

2. We changed the "Classic Negative Only" report template so that all negative observations will be displayed with a red font in the body of the report to match up with our Classic Report template.

3. We made a change to the app so that when inspections are "repeated", the same cc's are pre-selected as the last time the report was sent.

Other more subtle changes were added with this update to further improve the performance of the app.

Voice Dictation

Some of us avoid adding notes to our reports because it takes too long to type them out.

However, if you use the voice dictation feature that comes with both Apple and Android devices, the task becomes much simpler!

To enter text when using any of our apps, just tap in the text field and your keyboard will open. Next, tap the microphone icon next to the spacebar in the keyboard. Then, just speak and your device will convert what you say to text.

To add punctuation, such as commas, periods, exclamation points, etc., you will need to speak them as you dictate.  For example, if you’d like to type "Please fix ASAP!”, you’d need to speak the words "Please fix ASAP exclamation point.”

If you're not using dictation, you should give it a try. It's improved greatly over the years!

On-Demand Training
Click here to learn more about Safety Consulting NOW by Summit Safety Group.

 What's the Hazard?
Click here to check out the latest What's the Hazard podcasts from Fletcher Safety Consulting. 

 Checklist Updates

From time to time, we make updates to our Inspection App checklists.  Following is a summary of a few of the recent changes:

We updated our Aerial Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts categories in our Construction checklists to reflect the newly released ANSI standards.  Added some new questions to the categories and replaced nomenclature for Aerial Lifts and Boom Lifts to Mobile Equipment Work Platforms (MEWP's).

We added new category called Stilts to our Construction 1926 checklist.

We added a new Office Safety Checklist that references the CalOSHA General Industry standards.

As with all of our checklists, you have the option to turn on or off categories and questions for each of our checklists. 

Click here for a complete list of our checklists that come standard with our app.

Incident App Update

We're currently working on several updates to our Incident App. These new updates will include the option to document Vehicle Incidents, Property Incidents and General Liability Incidents.

We're also working on adding the TCIR, DART and LWDII rates to the Incident Dashboard page with a comparison to industry average for your NAICS group. Lastly, we're building an Incident Investigation tool that will include a 'corrective action' feature.

We're still a few weeks away from pushing out these updates, so please be patient...the wait will be worth it!  We'll keep you posted!


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