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 Osha Enforcement
OSHA enforcement activity is on the rise and so are penalties for non-compliance. Following are just a few examples:


U.S. Department of Labor Cites Commercial Roofing Contractor for Exposing Employees to Fall Hazards at Illinois Site OSHA has cited Five Star Roofing Systems Inc. $220,249READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Cites Missouri Contractor For Exposing Employees to Excavating Trenching Hazards The U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Products USA LLC   READ MORE...

U.S. Department of Labor Proposes Penalties to Wisconsin Company For Continually Exposing Employees to Machine Hazards The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Choice Products USA LLC ... READ MORE..

US Department of Labor Michigan Pipeline Company Agree to Resolve Citations Issued for Trenching Hazards The U.S. Department of Labor OSHA and Kamphuis Pipeline Company have reached a settlement agreement that the excavating company will cease business operations and pay penalties of $509,071... READ MORE...

US Department of Labor Cites Tortilla Company for exposing Employees to Amputations After Employee Injury The U.S. Dept. of Labor OSHA has cited Twins Twins LLC...  READ MORE...

US Department of Labor and Ohio Auto Parts Manufacturer Reach Settlement Agreement to Abate Hazards at Franklin, Ohio, Plant The U.S. Dept. of Labor's OSHA and Faurecia Emissions Control Systems NA LLC have agreement that calls for the auto parts manufacturer to pay $188,329...  READ MORE...

OSHA Quicktakes

Stay on top of the latest OSHA news, initiatives and products to help identify and prevent workplace hazards.

Federal Judge Orders Lloyd Industries Company Owner to pay $1.04 Million to Employees More Info

OSHA's updated webpage on heat illness explains how planning and supervision can keep workers safe More Info

Employers and workers are invited to participate in the 5th annual Arkansas Amputation Stand-Down...  More Info
An alliance with poultry industry focuses on reducing and preventing key industry hazards to keep workers safe... More Info

OSHA has been granted authority to handle worker retaliation complaints under the Taxpayer First Act More Info

US Department of Labor orders Kinder Morgan to pay back pay, damages, and fees for retaliation More Info
Procore Integration
Safety-Reports is excited to inform our subscribers that we are officially integrated with Procore!

This will be of particular interest to our Construction clients who use Procore to manage their projects.

Here's how it works, you start by authorizing Safety Reports to view your project list on Procore's site. Then, when starting a new inspection in our app, you simply select the project from the list and your report will automatically be filed on Procore's site in a "Safety" folder for that particular project.

We also give you the option to automatically upload "Corrective Action Tracking" reports to Procore's site.

Anyone with access to Procore can easily look up the inspection reports you submitted and view weekly Corrective Action Tracking Reports.

The integration process is simple and it's "FREE"


Barcode Scanning 

We're currently working on a new app that allows you to complete inspections by scanning assets (i.e. fire extinguishers, lanyards, slings, etc.) directly from your mobile device. 

We'll help you get your inventory uploaded to your account, you print the barcodes and you're off and running! It's that simple!

Tracking your safety inventory and documenting inspections will get that much simpler!

This app is currently in the beta testing stage and is expected to be available in December 2019!

Checklist Updates

We periodically make changes to our checklists whenever standards change and also based on feedback from our subscribers. We made a few changes this past month that are worth mentioning:

We added a new category to our CalOSHA Construction Checklist called Respiratory Protection.

We also added a new question to address the storage of gasoline in 5 gallon cans at construction sites to our Fire Safety category under both the Construction 1926 Checklist and the CalOSHA Construction Checklist.

Thank you to our subscribers for your continued feedback! It helps us to ensure our checklists are up-to-date and comprehensive!

 Safety Docs

We wanted to make sure our subscribers are aware of a new feature that's been added to Safety Reports. It's called "Safety Docs" and it's available to our Enterprise customers. 

It works like this, when you log into your Admin Account, you select "Safety Docs" from the menu on the left side of the screen. From here, you'll be able to create a file directory with sub-folders and then you can upload PDF documents to your folders.

Documents added to Safety Docs will be available to preview from our mobile app. You just need to click on the "Option Menu" (also known as "hamburger" menu) in the upper left corner to open/view the files stored in Safety Docs. View Example

Some of our subscribers are adding SDS's to Safety Docs. They're also adding written/formal programs, policies and procedures (i.e. LOTO procedures, Hot Work procedures, Disciplinary Policies, etc.). Some are adding Google maps with directions from their jobsites to the nearest Occ Clinic.

When our next Inspection App update hits the market, in about two (2) weeks, you'll also be able to attach documents from Safety Docs directly to your reports! That way, your recipients will receive important supporting documents with your reports!

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