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 Osha Enforcement
OSHA enforcement activity is on the rise and so are penalties for non-compliance. Following are just a few examples:


California Cites Fruit Processing Company for Amputation Hazards California OSHA issued six citations and $79,245 in penalties to SFFI Company, Inc., after a worker's hand was crushed while cleaning a rotating auger READ MORE...

Water Company Cited After Worker Suffers Heat- Related Injury at Florida Worksite OSHA issued two citation and $23,311in penalties to Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC, for failing to protect workers from exposure to the outdoor heat hazards and report a hospitalization with 24 hours READ MORE...

Two Companies Cited After Fatal Fire at Pennsylvania Natural Gas Processing Plant Energy Transportation LLC and MW Logistics Services LLC were cited for violating OSHA's process safety management standard after one worker died and three others were hospitalized following a fire at a natural gas processing plant READ MORE..

Vermont Cites Lumber Company After Worker Suffers Serious Injury Vermont OSHA issued four citations and $93,126 in penalties to Cersosimo Lumber Company, Inc., after a worker was seriously injured when his foot became entangled in the unguarded chain and sprocket of a trim saw her was trying to unjam READ MORE...

New York Construction Company Cited for Fall Hazards Following Fatal Structure Collapse Northridge Constructions Corp. faces $224,620 in penalties after a worker was fatality injured following a structure collapsed during the installation of roof panels on a shed.  READ MORE...

OSHA Quicktakes

Stay on top of the latest OSHA news, initiatives and products to help identify and prevent workplace hazards.

Maine Roofing Contractor Faces $1.7 Million in Fines and Manslaughter Indictment after Worker's Fatal Fall More Info

Labor Secretary Records New PSA's to Help Keep Workers Safe from Severe Weather Hazards More Info

Alliance with Utility Contractors is Committed to Preventing Excavation Hazards More Info
Hurricane Preparedness and Response More Info

Kentucky Trucking Company Ordered to Reinstate Driver who refused to Operate Vehicle During Hazardous Weather More Info

Montana Steel Company Eliminates Injuries with Help from On-Sites Consolation Program More Info

4 Podcasts for Safety Professionals

If you are interested in occupational health and safety, or are in the field, there are podcasts tailored to you... Read More
Training Exams
Our Toolbox Talk app allows trainers to conduct safety talks and have employee sign off as proof of attendance.

This works great when you have multiple employees at a worksite and someone, such as a foreman or supervisor, is onsite to conduct the training. However, many of our customers have what we call "lone" workers (i.e. service technicians, truck drivers, etc.) who aren't always available for in-person training.

With this new feature, you can create test questions for your toolbox talks and send them via email to your employees. They open the email, read the toolbox talk and answer the questions. Once they answer all questions correctly, they hit submit and the training is documented.

You'll find this new feature to be customizable, simple to use and affordable!



Incident App

Our new Incident App is still in development and we expect it to be released later this Fall. This app will allow you to document OSHA recordables, near misses and more! Stay tuned for more information and updates!

 Parking Lot Report

We recently had some work done to our parking lot here at Safety Reports to repair damaged concrete from this past winter.

The crews finished pouring the east entrance and then went on to work on the west entrance.

Looking out our office window, we noticed they apparently forgot to set up barricades. Not good.

It was just a matter of time before someone drove through the freshly poured concrete. So, our resourceful staff at Safety Reports took it upon themselves to fix the problem before it became a "real" problem. 

Parking Lot

So, we decided to have fun with it and used our Inspection App to document our findings and thankfully, disaster was avoided!

California, Here We Come!  
We'll be packing up and heading to San Diego in a few weeks for the NSC 2019 Congress and Expo to promote our apps.

If you're planning to be at the show (Sep. 9-11), please stop by and visit us at Booth 1247. We'd love to meet you in person!

Interested in a floor pass for the show?  Click here to download your free 3-day floor pass ($224 value).

Hope to see you in San Diego!
Simple Solutions
Did you know Safety Reports has our own team of in-house app developers? They specialize in building simple, yet powerful apps for your business needs!

They're supported by a Certified Safety Professional and what we think is the best sales and support team in the industry!

Don't take our word for it, sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo and see for yourself!

Our products include:

We'll be releasing an Incident App later this Fall and adding bar code scanning as a new feature to our inspection app.  Stay tuned!

Photo of the Month
Must be using a safety net for fall protection, right?
Note: this photo was not taken using our app. We NEVER post/use customer photos without obtaining written consent. Source:

Safety Conferences
If you want to meet us in person and learn more about our apps, we encourage you to attend the safety conferences where we are exhibiting!
Safety Expo

Be sure to ask us about free single-day floor passes.

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