More than Just Toolbox Talks!

Let’s start with the obvious, our Toolbox Talk app works great for documenting safety talks, but did you know you can also import your own custom documents, such as company-issued Safety Bulletins, Newsletters, Accident Summaries, etc. and use our app to distribute them to your employees?


Many of our subscribers have figured this out…they create a weekly or monthly safety bulletin, newsletter, accident review, etc., and upload it as a PDF to the app.  They then use the app to assign their supervisors the responsibility to review the document with employees.  Each employee, then signs off on the document, using the electronic signature function built into our app, as proof that they reviewed it. It really is a great way to distribute important documents to your employees!

If interested in learning more about this feature, please contact us.


 App updates!

As many of you know, Safety Reports has been busy building new apps over the past few months. These apps are available to our Inspection App subscribers at greatly discounted rates. If you don’t subscribe to our Inspection App, you can still purchase these great products!

Below is a list of our recently added apps and soon-to-be-released new apps:

Toolbox Talk App – released in July 2018
JSA App – released in January 2019
Observation App – coming in March 2019
Incident App – coming in June/July 2019
Bar-Coding/RFID - Fall of 2019


More News!

Checklist Updates
We added a new question to the Construction 1926 Checklist under "Cranes” to address "Operator Evaluations”. Effective February 7, 2019, OSHA requires that operators must be evaluated and deemed qualified by a demonstration of skills and knowledge to operate the equipment safely. This question was added to address this requirement and references 1926.1427(f)(1) thru (7).

We added 4 new questions to the General Industry 1910 Checklist under "Electrical Safety”. This is our largest category with 38 questions. We try to limit questions per category to no more than 20-25 but unfortunately, there’s just too much in this standard to limit the questions.The new questions added include:

Electrical equipment free of significant damage (i.e. dents, corrosion, etc.)? 1910.303(b)(7)(iv)

Electrical equipment firmly secured to surface? 1910.303(b)(8)(i)

Electrical equipment adequately protected against damage? 1910.303(g)(2)(ii)

Damaged electrical equipment removed from service? 1910.334(a)(2)(ii)

Did you know that Safety Reports has 16 checklists that come preloaded with our app and we’re planning to add a new one in March for conducting "Vehicle Inspections”.

Below is a list of our currently available checklists:

1. Ag Industry Checklist (references 1910 standards with emphasis on Section 272)

2. Best Practice Audit (includes questions that insurance underwriters typically ask)

3. Construction – 1926 (comprehensive list of Federal construction requirements)

4. Ergonomics – Industrial (includes best practices outlined by OSHA for industrial ergonomics)

5. Ergonomics – Office (includes best practices outlined by OSHA for office ergonomics)

6. General Ind. – 1910 (comprehensive list of Federal standards relating to general industry)

7. General Ind. – CalOSHA (includes standards specific to the state of California)

8. Incident Report (useful checklist for documenting incidents of all types)

9. Maritime – 1915 (includes standards specific to ship repairing, shipbuilding employments)

10. MSHA – Part 56 (includes questions for auditing surface mining worksites)

11. Office Safety (some references to 1910 and other office-safety related questions)

12. Process Safety Management (references the 1910.119 regulatory requirements)

13. USACE EM 385 (includes relevant questions for DoD construction audits)

Each of these checklists are customizable. You can add/remove categories and questions. If you have an Enterprise Account, you can import your own custom checklists.
Please be sure to contact us if you need assistance customizing checklists.


Anthony, Earnhardt Grading, Inc.

1. What do you like most about Safety Reports? The many options to analyze the data that is inputted from the inspections reports. The easy format of completion and professional format at the end result is what we like most about it.

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Future Customers

Safety Reports is quickly growing and expanding our services!  
We currently have applications for Inspections, Training and JSA's.
We also have an Observation App that will be released this Spring along with more new products later in the year.
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OSHA Enforcement

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Florida Cafeteria Cited for Burn andChemical Hazards

Tennessee Cites Tire Company for Exposing workers to Hazards READ MORE...

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Washington Cites Construction Contractors for Exposing Workers to Asbestos Hazards READ MORE... 
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