Observation App Coming Soon!

Submitting observations has never been easier! This new app will work on your smartphone, tablet and computer.  The simple interface allows your employees to quickly document both positive and negative observations with an option to add notes, photos, location, severity and more!  It's designed for "all" employees, not just safety professionals.

The app works great for "one-off" observations and is not intended for use as a comprehensive audit tool.  Everything is managed from a single screen in the app reducing the need for training.  In short, anyone and everyone can use it to become more actively engaged in safety!
It's like having a digital Safety Suggestion Box!


 Our JSA App is Here!

If you haven't downloaded our new JSA app, what are you waiting for? it's FREE! Just go to the app store and search "Safety Reports JSA" to download it. It's compatible with your Apple and Android devices (both smartphones and tablets).

We also have a paid version that allows more functionality. For example, if you don't like our pre-determined hazards and controls, you can customize them to meet your needs. You can also require signatures from employees as proof that they reviewed the JSA, similar to our Toolbox Talk App.

The reviews have been terrific!  Download yours today and see what it's all about!

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More News!

Hold Them Accountable!
If you subscribe to our Inspection App and have an Enterprise account, you can add responsible parties. This allows you to document violations and send a corrective action notification directly to the responsible party from the app.
When you assign corrective action to a responsible party, they'll receive an email notifying them of the violation that includes a link which allows them to easily document what they did to fix it.  They'll get reminder emails if they neglect to respond.  And the best part is, they don't need to be a subscriber to be a responsible party. 
Maybe it's time to start holding people accountable for correcting violations.

Checklist Updates 
Thanks to feedback from our subscribers, we've made a few changes to our checklists this past month.
Some of the changes include:
We updated the question under our Recordkeeping category that references OSHA's online/digital filing requirements. The question now references the updated filing date of March 2nd.
We added three (3) new questions to our Confined Space category. The new questions address OSHA's requirement to conduct a Confined Space assessment and we also included a couple questions related to training requirements.
As always, your feedback is appreciated. It  helps to improve the quality of our app!



Marc, OSC, LLC

1. What do you like most about Safety Reports? Ease of use and the great looking reports. Before, you spent 2 hours at the job-site, and then 12 hours getting the reports all completed. Now, I send in the reports to my clients before I even leave the site, so we can talk about it.

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Future Customers

Safety Reports is quickly growing and expanding our services!  
We currently have applications for Inspections, Training and JSA's.
We also have an Observation App that will be released this Spring along with more new products later in the year.
We encourage you to schedule a demo to learn more about our products.  At the very least, please download a free version to "kick the tires". Use the link below to set up a meeting or free trial.


OSHA Enforcement                                               

Nebraska Dairy Company Cited after Worker Fatality


Two Roofing Companies Workers Exposed to Fall Hazards

Florida Roofing Contractors Cited for Exposing Employees to Fall Hazards


Contractor Cited Following Crane Collapse at New York City Construction Worksite


OSHA Quicktakes 






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