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AUGUST 2018 NEWSLETTER             

OSHA enforcement activity is on the rise and so are penalties for non-compliance. Following are just a few examples:


Michigan Cites Contractor for Exposing Workers to Fall Hazards Michigan OSHA issued five citations and $77,600 in penalties to Wood Carpentry, Inc., for exposing workers to fall hazards. 

Florida Roofing Company Faces Penalties After Exposing Employees to Fall and Other Safety Hazards
Crown Roofing, LLC, was fined $149,662 for exposing employees to fall hazards. READ MORE...

Hawaii Cites Water Utility for Exposing Workers to Trenching Hazards 
The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division issued NINE citations and $198,828 in penalties to the City and the County of Honolulu Board of Water Supply for exposing workers to trenching and excavation hazards. 

Illinois Pallet Manufacturer Cited After Unsafe Carbon Monoxide Levels Sicken Employees
Cleary Pallet Sales, Inc., faces $216,253 in fines after 10 employees required emergency medical treatment for carbon monoxide exposure. 

California Fines Distribution Center Following Worker Injury 
California OSHA issued 11 citations and $97,430 in penalties to Pixior, LLC, after a worker was struck by a forklift. 
Ohio Excavating Company Cited Following Fatal Trench Collapse
JK Exacting & Utilities, Inc., faces $202,201 in penalties and was placed in OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program after an employee suffered fatal injuries in a trench collapse. READ MORE...

Florida Shipyard Cited after Employee Drowns
North Florida Shipyards, Inc., was cited after a worker drowned when a pressured air manifold struck and knocked him into the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. 


Stay on top of the latest OSHA news, initiatives and products to help identify and prevent workplace hazards.

OSHA Postpones Enforcement of Certain Provisions of Beryllium Standard to August 9 READ MORE...

OSHA Focuses on Worker Heat Hazards

Hundreds  Stand Down for Trench Safety in Missouri 
Free Heat Illness Prevention Webinar on July 25th 
Nigerian Delegation Visits OSHA to Share Information on Occupational Safety and Health READ MORE...
Electronic Corrective Action Tracking
Are you fully utilizing "Electronic Corrective Action Tracking" or eCAT? Did you know we offer two methods of eCAT to help ensure safety violations get closed out in a timely manner? Both methods are available to our Enterprise users. 

eCAT Method 1
Your Admin Account allows you to change your settings in "Company Maintenance" from "Manual Corrective Action Tracking" to "Electronic". When this setting is changed, the app will send an email to all report recipients with a link that allows corrective actions to be documented electronically and tracked.

eCAT Method 2
This option takes the Standard method referenced above one step further. With this option you can select a "Responsible Party". So, instead of sending the eCAT to all report recipients, this method will send it to a designed Responsible Party (RP) and they will have the option to close out the issue. In addition to receiving an email notifying them that a violation exists and needs to be corrected, this option will send reminder emails once each week for up to 3 weeks if the issue is not closed out.

Both methods allow you to generate Corrective Action Reports that provide a summary of all violations along with the number of open, closed and pending items. You'll receive a report that shows what was done to close out the items and how many days it took to close them out and by whom.

To attend a webinar to learn more about eCAT, please click the link below to register.  You do not need to be a current subscriber to attend.  

August 15th 10:00 am CST

 Photo Settings

If you have the option to change the camera settings on your mobile device, it's recommended that you minimize the image resolution (most devices default to highest resolution) and also modify your photos from panoramic (16:9 ration) to 4:3 or 1:1 ration to minimize distortion when photos are uploaded to reports.

Checklist Updates

If you use our General Industry 1910 checklist, you'll notice that we added a new category called Aerial Lift Platforms to our General Industry 1910 checklist.

We've also added a question to our Construction 1926 checklist that addresses mounting of Portable Fire Extinguishers.

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